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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Did you Fire the Grid?

Yesterday was July 17, 2007 and as many of you know, there have been many emails going around cyberspace regarding "Firing the Grid." The bottom line is that someone was given a message by the Universe that if we all come together at 11:11 Greenwich time and meditate for one hour, we can heal the planet and heal our own personal grid.

I received many emails asking me for my opinion and if this was pure or if this was a hoax. Who was this person? Was she of the white light or not? My belief system is that her intentions (whether good, bad or indifferent) have little to do with our own intentions. If most of us meditated simultaneously for one hour with pure hearts while sourcing the God Force energy, that will override anyone who may have less-than-good intentions.

Many of my students and clients had gatherings at their homes with their friends and loved ones. I decided to stay home solo and fire the grid by myself. I had a tremendous experience just being by myself, and yet I did not feel alone. Feeling the overwhelming love throughout the planet really made me feel hopeful, peaceful and joyful--knowing that our planet is loved and cherished. I know millions came together at that hour. And we don't have to come together physically to heal the planet. Just send positive energy to Mother Earth as you walk upon her. As you walk through your garden or landscaping, express to her that she is loved. Even appreciating each blade of grass...the trees...the flowers....the stone people...the animals...This sends wonderful healing, loving energy throughout the planet, and will reach her core. That loving vibration will be felt all around...and you will notice differences in everything. So, fire the grid with pure, good intention by sourcing God Force energy, as often as you'd like.

Tina Sacchi

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