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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Planning a Retreat to Maui


I'm packing to go to Maui with 12 wonderful people. Some are my students, some are clients and a couple that I recently met. I'm feeling elated for the spiritual memories we will create. I feel it in my Spirit. Every time I think of this trip, I get in touch with my joyous and fun self.

You see, this trip was all spirit-driven. I was teaching Reiki classes on Maui in May. I took two weeks with my family. The first week I planned to teach/work, and the second week I planned to do nothing related to work. And so I thought. I finished my class on a Sunday and that evening I went to the condo we were staying ready to kick back and relax. The next day while I was meditating, my guides told me that I had to create this retreat and come back with a dozen people.

My first, second and third reactions were "No way!" Do you know what's involved in planning a retreat? It's like planning a wedding. I had just spent a week working, and now I wanted to relax. My guides were so persistent and would not leave me alone. I got the message that this was part of the reason why I was there.

And so I made a deal with my guides. Yes, a deal! I told them I was willing to organize this retreat, however, they would need to do their part and have all the necessary players, including the retreat center, transportation, food, activities, flights, etc. come to me easily. And so they immediately gave me a few words to google. I proceeded to a computer and immediately the retreat center pops up. Wow, what a connection I felt! I knew without looking further that this was the place. I called the center and told them that I would like to visit.

A few days later I visited the center with my family. I noticed the connection to this place right away. The owner and I had a great time planning. She mentioned to me that I can go back home and think about all we had discussed and then when I'm ready either in 2008 or 2009 we can have this retreat. My guides told me right then and there that the time was September 2007, and I shared this info with her. She was surprised and asked me if I had people lined up. I said not yet; however, they were lined up spiritually. She looked at me in amazement. I immediately booked the trip right there.

I went back to my condo and meditated some more. I instantly got several people that were going to come. I promptly called them. I know, I'm on vacation, right? I'm supposed to relax. But this was too exciting! It was a call from Spirit. The people I called straight away said, of course they would come. This was fun. I started to research the food, activities, transportation and everything was clicking. I knew I was on the right track. It felt so right.

So that was in May, and now it's September. Four months later. And we leave on Thursday. Me and 12 beautiful souls. Some activities include going to Haleakala Crater at sunset on
International Peace day and connecting with others energetically across the planet, visiting sacred sites, snorkeling, beach, fun, fun, fun.

The moral of this story is that when you follow your heart and spirit, things will click and go right. One must be open and flexible. Spiritually open and flexible...that's right!

Stay tuned for more stories when we get back.

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