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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Maui Retreat Was Miraculous

Aloha! I just came back facilitating a Spiritual Retreat in Maui.

What a wonderful time we had on Maui. There were 13 of us. Better known as the Maui Goddesses. We all are so different and yet the same. We are different since we all have different backgrounds, different lifestyles, different physical appearances, ages, etc. However we were all the same since we all had the intention to release, resolve and heal. To spiritually connect to our Creator, our Higher Self, our purpose.

Words cannot define the magic and miracles we felt, witnessed and observed throughout the six days that we were there.

We stayed at Makawao, an area that the native Hawaiians consider one of the most sacred places on the island. On September 21, 2007 we went up Haleakala Crater for sunset, where the earth's root chakra is located, and we energetically connected with various people around the world to promote peace and love. We all had a specific mantra: I am Peace, I am Love. As simple as this mantra may seem, it was more than powerful.

As we headed up the road to Haleakala, which was approximately a 1 1/2 hour ride, we were faced with rain, cold, and clouds. As we were getting closer to the top, we could not see driving. The clouds were thick. We finally reached the top and it was also windy and rainy. Seeing a sunset didn't seem likely at all. None of us really wanted to get out of our cars; however we knew we were there for a purpose: to connect energetically and spread peace. So we all got out of our cars and huddled together to create body heat.

And as we were meditating, reciting the mantra repeatedly, calling in our Light Helpers including Goddess Pele, the Goddess of the volcano (Haleakala Crater), we felt and noticed a shift. It stopped raining, the sun came out and Goddess Pele showed herself by lifting the clouds and showing her profile.

We all were in awe and had tears in our eyes to have witnessed this rapid shift in the weather. And to see and feel Pele. And a gift of observing the most beautiful sunset ever! We were on top of the clouds!
We had many other miracles happen. It is impossible to write about them; you'd have to feel and see exactly what we have experienced. It's like the saying: "You had to be there." Hopefully, telling our story will inspire you to experience the magic of Maui for yourself some day.

We had a blast! Maui has a wonderful, sweet, blissful energy. It’s also peaceful, serene and cleansing. Our time was so magical, and I want more! And so within days of my return, I'm already planning another retreat.... I can’t wait for January 2008 to get back and experience more!


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