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Monday, November 26, 2007

Gratitude Has a Deeper Meaning to Me Now

Do you know what gratitude really means? I was meditating on it today and my inner voice said to me: "Look it up." And so I looked up gratitude in the dictionary and it said:

readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness be ready to show appreciation. How many of us are ready to "show" it? I see many people are going about their world in reactive mode. How can they be ready to show it if they are lagging behind trying to catch up with everyone else's mode or agenda? And if we are acting in reactive mode, it will not be as natural or appropriate to return kindness to others. And so I looked up "reactive" and it said:

acting in response to a situation rather than creating it

Well, aren't we here to create our journey? If we are in reactive mode, it's impossible to create. We are just acting on everyone's creation and forgetting ourselves. Proactive people are leading the reactive people around.

And so I looked up "creating" and I read:

cause something to happen as a result of one's actions

Well, that's more like it. Causing something to happen. What great things are you causing to happen in your life? What are you creating? Are you creating your life or are you just in reactive mode allowing others to create your life?

Is this what we are doing this holiday season? Aren't we supposed to be part of this picture too? Are we nurturing ourselves as well? Even the smallest things are the greatest things, such as taking the time out to read, play, take baths, breathe, meditate, move our bodies. Notice I didn't say "exercise" since there is too much work and negative energy associated to that word. Moving our bodies is more like it, such as walking, dancing, yoga, Tai Chi, etc. Moving means getting oxygen in our bodies so our cells can create new cells. Yes, create, because we initiated that movement with our breath. Oxygen creates new cells, which in turn creates a new you.

So, if I am creating, I am in control of my journey. If I am in control, then I can be ready to show my appreciation for and to return kindness to others.

All this insight came through from the word "gratitude" has more meaning to me now. It means that I am the creator of my journey, my life, my body, and I am ready to show appreciation for and to return kindness, especially to myself.

Ah...gratitude....a special word for me....:)

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