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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maui Whales Download from a Retreat Participant

Just got back from Maui facilitating another wonderful retreat with 13 beautiful people. They all brought laughter and tears. Many emotions were felt by everyone. One of the reasons for us being there was to come in contact with the whales. It's the height of the whale season and we saw many. They brought great inspiration to all of us. One participant, Ken, wrote the following:

Endless Oceans

The whales are giving us an important message. We come in Peace and Joy and to share our wisdom, our vision for the planet. We love you so much. You are like the timeless oceans: vast, expansive and unique. Use your experience and wisdom to do Good for Mother Earth. We delight in travelling the beautiful ocean waters of the earth. You have the power to save the earth from global warming and destruction.

Promote Peace and Understanding with your neighbors, friends and family. We all share, enjoy and inherit the gifts that Mother Earth gives us. Rejoice, take in the moment and give from your Heart! We have seen your hearts and their capacity for Compassion, Love, Harmony, Truth and Beauty. We send you Blessings of the most high through our Whale Songs.

We are all connected in the Circle of Life. Enjoy it! We have the answers you have been searching for. Listen and Listen deeply! Know that you are Powerful just as we are, to change things in your life for the positive. Feel these words! Live your Truth. Your capacity for Greatness is as timeless and endless as the oceans.
Take the time to see yourselves and who you are!

We share a common vision: Peace on Earth, Unconditional Love, Living in Harmony, a Beautiful and Clean Earth. Listen to your Heart Song. We bring you timeless wisdom. Create New Hope for all humanity. Be a light unto the world. Precious Souls, you do make a huge difference in this world. Remember who you are as you walk your paths in Beauty.

We bring you Blessings of Joy, Peace, Prosperity, and Love. We love you! We are all connected in the Circle of Life. Our oneness is beautiful. Equally, your Beautiful Self is amazing! Know that you are special, unique and purposeful creatures. We see beyond measure your potential to create miracles just as we do.

Go in Peace! Do great things! Love who you are. The story of the whales is one of magnificence, extraordinaire and timeless, ancient wisdom. We are more than willing to reveal our secrets. You only need to ask. We send you blessings for your Highest Good and the Good of Humanity! Peace be with you.


The Whales

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