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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Raising Our Vibration For An Enlightening Journey

As we raise our vibration through meditation, healings we do on ourselves or healings others do on us, tracking and clearings, etc. we need to be mindful of our loved ones, people, plants, and animals around us. Most likely they are not on the same page/vibration as we are. In my house, I know that I’m always diligently tracking, clearing and raising my vibration. I then keep the intention that the other inhabitants with their freewill can meet me at a point that they can collectively embody and tolerate. When they are home with me, I then have to lower my vibration to their levels to maintain harmony. However when they are not in my house I raise it up so that I can continue my evolving journey. I do not expect for others to be where I am at. I only know that I must evolve and be on an enlightening spiritual journey.

A few of my clients and students have mentioned changes in their lives such as batteries running dead when they were just changed or your friendships of many years/decades have ended with some people or their pets acting strangely and not being themselves. These clients have been conscientious and committed in turning their lives around for the better. However, their loved ones and surroundings did not sign up for this, yet. For example, I've had my weight loss clients tell me that their spouses will not change their eating habits and were very upset for the lack of support. I then explain to them that their spouses have been eating with this lifestyle with them for decades. And now that my clients have decided that they are ready to change all of a sudden doesn't mean that the whole world around them is ready too. Again we need to be mindful of others around us. Just because we have an "aha" moment which sparks a change doesn't meant that others are getting the urge to change too.

In your meditations, ask the Great Spirit, Earth Mother and the Helpers of the True Christ Consciousness to keep your vibration at a level that you can all completely embody. Remember that people that need to move on from your lives, we bless them and encourage them to move on in a loving way. We don’t need to worry about being at their vibration any longer. It will do us no good to keep onto a relationship that is not for our highest good or our their highest good. No one will benefit from something that is played out, not inspiring nor fun!

As we raise our vibrations, changes are natural. Our spirit is always looking to evolve and grow. We cannot grow by being stagnant and remaining in the same old situations. Some of us will notice our circle of friends is changing. Our spirit will naturally want to be with the same circle of like minded people. Others will notice that their physical appearances will change. This I'm told all the time about me. Every photo that has been taken of me especially in the last few years, all look different. My photos on my website prove this so. We begin to shape shift according to our experiences and evolution. So let's shape shift to a spirit that is highly evolved. A spirit of love and compassion. Here's to an enlightening spiritual journey!

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