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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Working with a Shaman... A Soulful Cure

A friend of mine came across this in the Daily Om and it comes really close to what it’s like working with a shaman.


Since time immemorial, certain men and women have felt
called to heal the sick, to safeguard knowledge, to guide the
lost, and to commune with the spirit world.

These unique individuals, known as shamans, were mystics
and seers, repositories of wisdom, and keepers of herbal lore. During those periods when ignorance loomed large in the world, shamans across the
globe bided their time, peacefully practicing their practical
yet refined arts in the jungle, mountains, deserts, and tundra
that protected them from those who misunderstood
shamanism. Today, however, shamanism has reemerged, as
modern men and women feel the same call to service that
their ancestors felt long ago. Also, as more individuals
explore the notion that healing necessarily involves the soul
as well as the physical self, people are consulting shamans
in their search for wellness, wisdom, and guidance.

The word shaman literally means "he or she who knows."
Shamanism is an art that has not changed in any quantifiable way for millennia and is not bound to any particular form of spirituality. It is grounded on the principle that the visible world is saturated with unseen forces that influence the lives of human beings. Shamans, in addition to acting as fonts of wisdom, are dedicated to diagnosing and curing human suffering-whether emotional, physical, or spiritual. To treat an illness, a shaman may communicate with the spirit world in order to connect more directly with the soul of their patient or with the force causing ill health. They often work closely with animal guides, plant and earth spirits, or your spirit guides, and may make use of use of herbal remedies to supplement other forms of treatment. Shamans, as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual realms, recognize that all objects are in manner alive and retain information that can be utilized to heal.

Shamanism is powerful in part because its practitioners tailor healing to the individual needs of those who seek them out. A shaman manipulates energy, giving you power where you have lost it and removing misplaced energy lurking within you. When you seek out a shaman, they will endeavor to know and understand you before treating you. In this way, they can provide you with therapies that act on your whole being, positively influencing your body as well as your soul.

Some shamanic techniques include:

Our Luminous Energy Field or some people call it the aura or spirit body which contain our chakras, holds karmic, personal and ancestral memories, patterns, imprints, traumas, wounds, beliefs, etc. In this session, Tina will facilitate the release of these obstacles and barriers that hold us back. These obstacles may show up in us through many forms such as addictions, headaches, anxiety, depression, anger, shame, blame, sadness, etc. Once your field is clear, your chakras will be illuminated with the Divine Light restoring you to your authentic peaceful self. (In person or phone).

Soul Retrieval
This technique is has been used in many cultures and shamans around the world. It involves the Shaman (Tina) to journey on your behalf and seek out soul parts that may have “checked out” when you may have experienced trauma, difficult times, pain (whether emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain) in any time and space. When part of our soul is missing, we can experience emptiness, uneasiness, depression, anger, fear, shame, blame, anxiety, blocks, addictions, weight issues, lack of direction. Once the soul part(s) is brought back, it is gently integrated in your chakra system so that you become and feel whole again. This process is usually preceded with an Illumination session. (In person or phone).

Tina is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California and a Shaman. She can perform ceremonies that include weddings, property and/or house clearing and property care-taking, renewal of vows, house blessings, friendship, engagement, baby blessings, etc. All ceremonies are tailored to you.

Happy St Anthony Day

Anthony of Padua is one of the most beloved of saints; his images and statues are ubiquitous. Proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on January 16, 1946, he is sometimes called "Evangelical Doctor". He is especially invoked for the recovery of lost things. Not only physical and tangible things but physical health things too.

I remember at age 15 that I was given a beautiful, valuable white gold bracelet with authentic pearls from my relatives in Italy. My mom specifically told me not to wear it to the park that day. Of course I didn't listen and sure enough i lost it in the park among the acres of grass. I headed home feeling upset and I knew I was going to be in trouble. On the way home, I looked at the statues of St Anthony at the various neighbors homes. It was very common to see statues in their front yards. (I lived in a very Catholic-Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and St. Anthony was the man.) All those years of friends and family praying to him and seeing miracles, i decided to go home and pray. And that I did.

The next day I headed to the park and asked St Anthony to guide me to the spot where my bracelet was located. And bingo....there it was!!!!! I was a believer!

Years went by and I have called on St Anthony for various things in my life. Including when I was pregnant with my second son. I had such a difficult pregnancy that my doctors were concerned about my child. I prayed to St Anthony and made a vow for a healthy child and in return my child would be named after him. Sure enough, my water broke and I arrived at the birthing center at 6am and presto, Anthony was born at 7am.

The next time you need to recover something lost like an object, emotional feeling of love, peace, joy and serenity, or physcial health, ask St Anthony to help you. Ask from a feeling of true belief and intention and you will get healing in return.

Happy St. Anthony's day everyone!